16 February 2011

My experience with listing a property on TradeMe.co.nz

we've been listing our house for almost three weeks, here are some thoughts:

1. It's too expensive. Listing privately costs us more than $260, but just $60 to an agent

2. The process itself is crap, the UI is crap. I can't reorder photos for example. The edit session isn't saved (I had to re-enter twice), very poor.

3. No insights other than number of views. How do I know out of the 2102 visits so far how many were genuine visitors and not search engines? You don't even tell me how many people have put it on their watchlist.

Come on TradeMe, you've got a monopoly now, have you stopped innovating?


  1. "For an immediate answer you can also call us on 0900 87233 most times of the day or night. Calls cost $1.99 + GST per minute."

  2. In Europe it's not much different. I try to sell a house in Toscana for our vet via various channels, some days ago on funda.nl as well. All without using an agent to save as much money as possible. I am afraid most sites where one can post ads for real estate are paid by rich broker associations who become more rich this way and doing so the not so smart consumers become more poor. Not fair and I don't want to say a word in this contacts about banks. Everybody knows the truth, but nobody says anything. Weird or not?

  3. Thanks Klaas for your comment. I wish we had a house in Tuscany to sell :-)
    Definitely burocracy in New Zealand is minuscule compared to the country I'm from. Still, 90% of people sell real estate through agents, I find it ironic in the land of Do-It-Yourself...
    Anyway, the local Real Estate industry is consolidating with many leaving the job