23 January 2008

Serial Port and flow control with javax.comm

Sun doesn't provide a javax.comm implementation for Windows and they suggest to use a freely available implementation of their API called RxTx.

But I was having trouble getting the RTS/CTS hardware flow control going, like someone else.
It seems like some CTS events are missed.

At the end I succeeded by adding a wait loop for the CTS to go high before writing each character:

import gnu.io.*;
private SerialPort sPort;

private void osWrite( int val ) throws IOException
while( !sPort.isCTS() );

os.write( val );

One would expect this to happen in the background, but it doesn't with this particular implementation of javax.comm.

See also: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Serial_Programming:Serial_Java#JavaComm

12 January 2008

Tait split-off breaks ownership model

Tait split-off breaks ownership model

Mimomax Wireless will work in high spectral efficiency radio, a technology which Tait has been working on for three years. It allows large quantities of data to be sent at high speed over wireless networks.

The company will initially target utility companies wanting real-time monitoring of resources and distribution networks.