02 November 2009

4RF unveils a new radio product

Today 4RF launches Aprisa SR, a point to multi-point radio product we've been working on for the last couple of years. Here's the press release from 4rf.com:

4RF Communications launches the Aprisa SR multipoint radio for future-proof, security-enhanced, Smart SCADA networks
We have unveiled our new product, the Aprisa SR Smart SCADA multipoint radio, at the European Utilities Telecom Council annual conference.
Used by oil, gas, and utility companies for a wide range of monitoring and control applications, the Aprisa SR is a point-to-multipoint Smart SCADA radio operating in the 400-470 MHz licensed spectrum band, with a 12.5 kHz channel size and narrowband 9.6 kbps capacity. The Aprisa SR has been designed to address the key concerns facing the industry: the need for enhanced security, the need to efficiently handle the increasing complexity of SCADA networks, and the evolution to an IP-based and smart grid infrastructure.
See the press release here - Aprisa SR Press Release
See the datasheet here - Aprisa SR Datasheet
If you have any questions about the Aprisa SR please email us at sales@4rf.com