14 April 2008

JUnit 4.4 - Wellington JUG meeting

JUnit 4.4 - Wellington JUG meeting

Wednesday 16 April 2008 5:00 for 5:15 - 6:30 pm

The venue is to be:
Level 5
Equinox House
111 The Terrace (or 222 Lambton Quay through Amazon)

Topic: JUnit 4.4
Speaker: John Smart

JUnit is the de facto standard for unit testing in Java. JUnit 4.4
introduces many innovative new features that can make unit testing
easier and more productive. In this talk, we will examine how to write
good unit tests in JUnit 4, and look at a few of these techniques,
including parameterized tests, the new Hamcrest asserts and JUnit Theories.

John Smart is currently an independent consultant working in Wellington
who provides consultancy and training services in the Java/J2EE field.
His specialities include providing training and mentoring in Java
web development, optimising the software development lifecycle and
helping clients improve their development process with industry best
practices such as Continuous Integration and automated testing and code
quality audits. He also helps clients introduce more agile development
processes into their projects.

He has worked on many large-scale J2EE projects for government and
business involving international and offshore teams. In Wellington,
John has also worked for Equinox on a number of projects for various New
Zealand government services. John also writes articles for many Java
web sites such as JavaWorld, Java.net, ONJava and DevX. He has just
finished a book called "Java Power Tools", which he wrote mostly during
his time working at, and with help from, Equinox.

03 April 2008

A Java bytecode processor

I love that

aJile Systems, Inc. - aJ-100: Real-Time Low-Power Direct Execution Microprocessor for the Java


  • 32-bit Direct Execution Java Processor Core
    • Native JVM bytecode execution
    • Extended bytecodes for memory mapped peripheral access
    • IEEE-754 floating-point arithmetic
    • Writeable control store supports custom application specific instructions
  • Native Java language Threading Support
    • Hard real-time, multi-threading kernel in hardware
    • Atomic threading operations
    • Built-in deterministic scheduling queues
    • Directly supports the Real Time Specification for Java (RTSJ)
    • Thread to thread yield in less than 1╬╝sec
    • Eliminates traditional RTOS software layer
  • Multiple JVM Manager (MJM™)
    • Supports multiple independent JVM’s
    • Brick wall time and space protection
    • External memory protection support