03 April 2008

A Java bytecode processor

I love that

aJile Systems, Inc. - aJ-100: Real-Time Low-Power Direct Execution Microprocessor for the Java


  • 32-bit Direct Execution Java Processor Core
    • Native JVM bytecode execution
    • Extended bytecodes for memory mapped peripheral access
    • IEEE-754 floating-point arithmetic
    • Writeable control store supports custom application specific instructions
  • Native Java language Threading Support
    • Hard real-time, multi-threading kernel in hardware
    • Atomic threading operations
    • Built-in deterministic scheduling queues
    • Directly supports the Real Time Specification for Java (RTSJ)
    • Thread to thread yield in less than 1╬╝sec
    • Eliminates traditional RTOS software layer
  • Multiple JVM Manager (MJM™)
    • Supports multiple independent JVM’s
    • Brick wall time and space protection
    • External memory protection support

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