24 October 2007

My new blog

I've realised I never talk about work or what I discover while working.
I've been a programmer for about 5 years now, started with Digital Signal Processing (which I still love and would love to do) but later expanded to generic embedded software (C for ARMs), C++ (multithreading on Linux) and Java 4-5-6.
About Object Oriented design I love learning about Design Patterns and discovering more elegant and robust ways of doing things.
I'm an employee of 4RF Communications Ltd., an 8 year old company based in Wellington, New Zealand. It's a young, vibrant, mid-sized company and I feel very lucky to work for them.
What I'll write in this blog will not necessarily reflect the opinion of my employer.
By the way I'm starting this blog in English, so that everyone can read it :-)

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