08 July 2008

Innaworks Talk at Wellington JUG, Next Week

Mobile ecosystem, and mobile application development using Java

Wed Jul 16 5pm – Wed Jul 16 6:30pm

Equinox, Level 5, Equinox House, 111 The Terrace (or 222 Lambton Quay through Amazon), Wellington

5pm for 5:15pm start

Please register for this event at http://www.eventbrite.com/event/136502282
- it's FREE.

Topic: Mobile ecosystem, and mobile application development using Java
Speaker: Stephen Cheng, CEO Innaworks

Mobile computing is becoming mainstream. Mobile computing can add
great value to internal business processes, as well as offering ISVs
plenty of opportunities.

However due to the complexity of the mobile eco-system as a result of
diversity of technology platforms and a complex value chain, a mobile
software developer faces many technical choices and commercial
hurdles. This talk provides an overview of the mobile ecosystem from a
commercial and technical perspective, and details some of key
technological and commercial issues. Java does play a particular
important in this story due to its current dominance as a mobile
software platform.

We will also demonstrate alcheMo Java to native platform porting
solution which solves the platform fragmentation issue. Incorporating
an advanced Java to C++ translator and an optimized run-time library,
alcheMo extends Sun's "Write Once, Run Anywhere" philosophy to native
platforms without access to a Java Virtual Machine. alcheMo makes it
possible to maintain a single code base in J2ME while developing for
the key native platforms (such as BREW, iPhone, Windows Mobile).


Stephen Cheng is the founder and CEO of Innaworks since 2002.

Stephen is a frequent speaker at industry conference including Game
Developer Conference Mobile, JavaOne and BREW Conference.

Don't forget to register, since we want to ensure the venue can fit


  1. Mobile ecosystems include the simple systems too. Is that not the heart of how people will use their mobile devices? BlackBerry hosted Exchange is the prime example (e.g. (http://www.123together.com/blackberry-special/index.xhtml).

  2. Hi Ro, thanks for your comment.
    Surely the mobile ecosystem is very complex and includes sucessful platforms like the Blackberry.

    Innaworks'expertise is on the JavaME platform, and that's why I suggested this topic for the Wellington Java User Group.
    If you want to know more about Innaworks, you can read about their presentation at JavaOne 07 and watch the one from JavaOne 08.

    I just find it amazing that such a company simply exists in little Wellington, NZ

  3. Java remains the key factor in today’s techno world and being used in various applications.Many new JDK are developing almost everyday to improve the technology and at the same time, it enhances the techno market as well.Currently it also plays an important role in communication world,that’s why we are getting much facilities than before with diverse interesting technologies.Can you please tell what really the mobile ecosystem is?

  4. Hi Mobi, thanks for you comment.
    What do you mean exactly with 'new JDK's?
    Certainly there are many JVMs available for embedded platforms but still the mobile market is extremely fragmented. The Java promise (write once, run everywhere) hasn't been fulfilled in this case, since not a single meaningful program will run on any device without testing.
    Here's a presentation online with Stephen Cheng, if your curious:

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