21 November 2008

Picasa + Snapfish: finally printing is easy and fast in NZ too!

Google has released version 3 of the excellent Picasa, a free photo management tool
Google Photos Blog: A closer look at Picasa 3 (beta!)

But even better news is that Digitalmax has teamed up with HP's SnapFish and since Picasa can upload photos directly onto SnapFish, finally printing has become so easy and affordable!

I've used Digitalmax in the past, when they had specials for big prints in digital aspect ratio.
It's an excellent service but the potential savings wouldn't justify the hassle of using their antiquated tool for uploading pictures.
Recently they had revamped their website but they hadn't come up yet with a decent client software to facilitate the uploading process.

Well done Digitalmax, we're certainly going to use your services much more often in the future.
By the way, thank you very much for the 50 free prints that are given away as a welcome bonus!


  1. Hi.

    Thank you for your informations here.
    Can you tell me how can you upload your pictures to Snapfish using Picasa?

    I don't see any option for that.

    Joel M

  2. For me picasa is a fast and easy photo sharing service from Google. There is many functions of this app, you should know. Despite the fact that the program contains everything necessary for manual correction of photos, sometimes you have to do the same operations with hundreds and even thousands of files. I use this for a ling time, my work connect with this app. So I use the https://yepdownload.com/picasa picasa for windows 10 download from YepDownload. Having at its disposal such projects as Google Earth and Google maps, the developers did not fail to add mapping capabilities and in Picasa.

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