31 May 2010

Google Power Meter

An article on stuff presents a device made by Current Cost that monitors energy consumption in real time and sends data usage to Google Power Meter.

A user though has to keep a computer running all the time in order to collect data wirelessly from the device and update it to Google.
Through Powershop, that is also possible today. I've personally spent a few nights working with Powershop's developer API and managed so far to collect data from Powershop and then send it to Google.
Check this thread out: http://groups.google.com/group/powershop-developers/browse_thread/thread/54460039ec71fa1b

My aim is to develop a Google App Engine application that could collect that for me at a set interval.
Powershop's Ari Sargent  has also experimented with Google Powermeter and they may provide a link with that tool themselves.
By the way, their web site is excellent and they could provide similar, or better, gadgets.


  1. Hi the ENVI power meter hardware will be boosted in October with the bridging device which will take the place of the PC in the link to google. I have tested it in NZ and it is very easy to get it set up and on google. It will be available online from Australia and waiting on retailers to pick it up in NZ.

  2. Hi Preacher,
    good on you. My post was about using the PowerShop Api to feed data into Power Meter, therefore reusing the existing smar meters.
    Although in my case there's a significant gap at this stage in getting data off the power meter owner, so I haven't been able to get my software up an running yet.
    I expect energy retailers will start proving this kind of service sometimes.
    Meanwhile there surely is a market niche for your products.


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