18 December 2007

Job vacancy at 4RF

Software Design EngineerB.pdf

This is a new position, advertised on Seek and on the company's web site.

Review: Windows XP - Coding Sanity

Review: Windows XP - Coding Sanity

This is quite funny!

Stephen Colebourne's Weblog

Stephen Colebourne's Weblog

The strongest support was for Improving Generics, String Switch and Multi-catch. Attendees were giving a clear 'yes' to these being in Java 7.

I've been wanting to post about multiple catches for a while... I didn't know there would be such a strong demand for it!
Ok, for generics... the Java implementation (when compared with C#'s one) is just horrible.
But 'erasure' doesn't seem to want to go away

09 December 2007

Understanding dependency injection and Guice

crazybob.org: Introduction to Guice Video (Redux)

I've just seen the first 20 minutes, but it's sufficient for me to clarify:
1 - the usefulness of dependency injection
2 - how this new framework, designed by Google's Bob Lee, can help reducing the amount of code one needs to write, and more

From now on I will look at factories with suspicion...

07 December 2007

Back to ASM

I've been quite busy lately trying to get a simple dsp algorithm running on an 8-bit processor.
For the first time I've realized that it's probably more challanging for the compiler to output efficient code for such a small processor, rather than a bigger one, say an ARM.
No wonders why you can't easily find an open source toolchain.
I've been amazed by the unexpected number of assembly instructions a simple instruction can translate to.
And sometimes it seems the case that what wouldn't be the quickest way of doing things in C, translates in effect into a fewer number of assembly instructions.