14 March 2013

Google Reader Alternatives

Google Reading is shutting down 1 July 2013. What are (cloud based) alternatives?

  1. http://www.newsblur.com/
  2. http://feedly.com/
Both products promise seamless integration with Reader, that is the ability to import all existing feeds. Both services are experiencing an obvious surge in traffic and are unable at the moment to accept new users.
Newsblur looks like it has good client support, web and mobile. Also it is an open source project.
From the FAQ thought it looks like their web service might not be able to poll regularly all the newsfeeds, but mainly the ones that people request the most.
I'd like to try it, and I'll be more than happy to pay for a good service.

Google's move also means definitive death for Listen, the podcast catcher I've been using all these years on Android.
Well, there are other solutions I know, but will they integrate with either newsblur or feedly?

[UPDATE, 2 April]
The latest Android update for gReader Pro claims "gReader will work after the closure. We are working on a solution." Fingers crossed