02 February 2010

Phitek Blackbox C14 earphones review

The bass will shake the wax out of your ears!

Noise cancelling earphones (not headphones) with a kick-ass bass. Designed in NZ

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  1. Here's a good article about Phitek.

    Quite an amazing story I must say.
    That guy, Mark Donaldson, must be about my age.
    I did too a thesis in DSPs.
    Then he went to start a company and grow it to succeed.
    Years later, I still have to start my own company but I have tuned it a bit into the 'can do' kiwi attitute that is behind stories like this one.
    Maybe one day I'll be in Lausanne too :-) (that's close enough to Italy. Well, much closer than NZ at least!)


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